The Skynet is open!

Enjoy an adventure through the trees at the Tree Top Village in and out of the wooden towers and across the high suspended Skynet.

Access to the Tree Top Village is included in the entry price.

The Skynet offers a chance to bounce around in the air on nets suspended between the trees of the Tree Top Village.  This activity offers fun for both adults and children as young as 3 years old.  For safety reasons, no children under 3 years old are permitted on the Skynet.

We hope you have lots of fun on this truly unique leisure attraction!

Please kindly read the below safety procedures and regulations prior to your visit to Adventure Land in order to ensure you are wearing the correct footwear and clothes and to ensure you are aware of what to expect.  We want everyone to play safe and stay safe.

Please note: This attraction may need to close without warning due to inclement weather, maintenance, or for circumstances beyond our control. You are advised to check in advance of your visit.


Accompanying Adult Ratio

The Tree Top Skynet is operated by trained staff members at all times, however, children remain the responsibility of accompanying adults on the following ratios:

  •  3-6 years old:  1 Participating Adult for every 2 Children
  • 7-11 years old: 1 Adult for every 5 Children (participation by the adult is encouraged but is optional)
  • 12-15 years old:  An Adult must be present on site at all times.
Safety Information

For your own safety, we don’t permit the following to take part in this activity:

  • If you are pregnant
  • If you have a heart condition
  • If you have a back or neck injury

Please advise a member of staff if you have a medical condition.

Play Safe, Stay Safe - some simple Do's & Don'ts
  • No strappy tops, skirts or dresses without underclothing or bare midriffs (flapping clothing or scarves will need to be removed or secured in place)
  • Secure footwear is needed.  Flat shoes only and no open-toed shoes, flip flops, crocs or sandals are permitted.  No bare feet – secure shoes must be worn at all times and it is important that laces are securely tied.
  • Long hair should be tied back
  • If anyone is wearing earrings, studs are acceptable, but please no dangly or hoops, that includes any other body piercing.  You can leave necklaces and watches on while jumping, however, please note that this is at your own risk.
  • No rings on fingers nor wrist bracelets or bangles are permitted and these should be removed prior to participation.
  • It is advised that glasses should be removed if not essential for vision, however if they are needed then please do wear them.  Sunglasses are only permitted if wearing them is essential to assist you with sight on the net due to direct sunlight, however, the member of staff present has the final say in terms of asking you to remove these if they are interfering with your participation among other guests on the net.
  • No bags are permitted on the net and so please kindly ensure your bag or any loose belongings are left with a family member or friend who is not participating.
  • Please remove all sharp items from pockets.
  • No eating or drinking is permitted on the net.
  • No ball games nor any horse play is permitted on the net.

Please follow the instructions of the trained member of staff on duty at all times and feel free to call out ‘Instructor’ should you require any assistance.